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Why PharmaStrip

At PharmaStrip, we believe that wellness is the key to everyday performance and this requires a product that is fast acting, consistent, and accessible to all. That’s why we created our patented flash-dissolve oral strips, to deliver you not only the optimal results, but the most convenient form factor in the category. We take pride in having the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, with no prescription required. We’re dedicated to providing superior quality, efficacy, and precision so that our customers, the doers of things that must get done, can win the day. Every day.


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Fast Acting

Zero Calories

Zero Sugar


Reasons to Believe

Optimized Bioavailability & Absorption

Compared to food, beverage, and transdermal products, our flash-dissolve oral film strips offer optimized bioavailability and absorption. Consumers prefer this method not only because of the convenience of drug administration, but the non-invasive nature of drug delivery as well. Our dissolvable strips are easily absorbed leading to better results in treatment and efficiency. Unlike pills and gummies, dissolving strips offer easy patient compliance and are suitable for anyone.

Portability & Convenience

Each PharmaStrip is individually foil-wrapped and packaged in our closable 10-strip box, perfect for active individuals on the go. Our dissolvable strips are easier to consume and don’t require water. With many flavors available, PharmaStrip provides a tasteful experience that’s in stark contrast to the many bitter, indigestible pills, edibles, or disintegrating tablet granules currently on the market. The portability of our strips saves time, is effective when traveling, or especially if there is a need to be discreet. Our small, light packaging is more compact, portable, and far more suitable for travel.

Precision Dosing

Oral dissolve film strips deliver a more precise dose as compared to gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, or edibles. When consuming chewable drugs or disintegrating tablets, the substance must pass through the digestive tract before absorption, limiting the efficacy of the drug. PharmaStrip calculates the dosage for each strip individually in order for consumers to experience optimal effectiveness of our products with quick, accurate, and noticeable results. This includes a 3rd party lab test.

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Why strips?

Flash-dissolve oral strips administer the substance quickly and more effectively than any edibles or tablets. Our strips are water-soluble which means they will dissolve with immediate contact in your mouth/under the tongue. When taking edibles or tablets, there are many factors that could affect the delivery of the substance. For example, when digesting, the substance must bypass through your stomach (Liver) before complete absorption. However, with strips, the substance is administered directly to the bloodstream, offers easier patient compliance, and is suitable for anyone.

What is a sublingual?

Sublingual administration refers to an application under the tongue. This administration allows for the substance to diffuse directly through the bloodstream for more efficient and effective delivery. With sublingual administration, the dosage absorbed is higher than if you were to ingest gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, or edibles. It guarantees the correct dosage to be administered which is ideal because it assumes 100% of the active drug or substance successfully reaches the target site.

How many strips can I take per day?

For those first using PharmaStrip, we recommend one strip per day. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness and dosage is ultimately dependent on each user individually and is up to the user's discretion. We encourage first-time users to start small and slow and increase as needed.

How long do PharmaStrips take to start working?

Unlike many forms of medication and dietary supplements (ingestible) that can take up to an hour to work, our strips take full effect in 5-10 minutes.

Where can I find PharmaStrips?

PharmaStrips are available both online, right here on our website, as well as Amazon, eBay, and in-person at your local gas stations and convenience stores.

How do I take PharmaStrips?

Consuming PharmaStrips is easier than ever. All you have to do is peel the foil packaging open and place the strip under the tongue for the most effective results. Leave the strip in place until it completely dissolves, do not chew or swallow the strip whole. Wait 5-10 minutes for effect.

Are PharmaStrips safe?

Yes, Each one of our products must undergo meticulous 3rd party testing before it is packaged to ensure the most accurate consistency with dosage, ingredients, potency, flavor, and packaging. This includes 3rd party COA (Certificate of Analysis) testing.