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Zero Calories

Zero Sugar


Orange Burst
Get your daily dose of energy without the added sugars. Packed with essential vitamins and our proprietary blend of energy.
Wakeup everyday feeling refreshed with a full night of rest. Reduce your sleep wait-time with our Strawberry Melatonin Oral Strips.
Energy Orange Burst
Feel the difference with our Hemp Strips. Compared to other hemp products, our strips are an ideal source of relief with the convenience of a pack of gum.
Energy Orange Burst
Feel the difference with our Hemp Strips. Compared to other hemp products, our strips are an ideal source of relief with the convenience of a pack of gum.


PharmaStrip is reinventing the way you sleep, re-energize, and relax.
Our flash-dissolve oral strips help maximize your wellness and performance all on a strip.

woman in forest resting in a hammock

Optimized Efficacy

PharmaStrip is a practical alternative to any other form factor because it acts 5x faster (due to sublingual absorption, under the tongue) and is 10x more efficient, making sure you get the proper dose. All PharmaStrip products are 3rd party lab tested and made in the USA using flash-dissolve technology. Our strips have no added sugar and use all Non-GMO ingredients, making PharmaStrip superior in absorption, convenience, effectiveness, and quality. Compared to other supplements such as gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, or edibles our strips emphasize wellness on the go with accurate results. PharmaStrips are successful in ensuring your wellness! Whether that be for a boost of energy, pain relief, or sleep.

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Enhanced Bioavailability

When digesting (gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, edibles) or anything that the liver must process, the substance must bypass the stomach before complete absorption. This limits the ingredients that are trying to be absorbed, which in turn decreases the effectiveness of the dose (mg) taken by almost 50%! With our sublingual strips, the substance is administered under the tongue (recommended) and absorbed directly into the bloodstream in less than half the time it takes for alternative methods (5-10 minutes) while still getting nearly 100% absorption.

Greater Convenience

PharmaStrip's sublingual flash-dissolve strips ensure your convenience in many different factors. Our packaging is portably convenient, similar to a pack of gum in your pocket, perfect for places like the gym, flights, sporting events, running errands, in the car, at home, practically anywhere! Unlike (gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, or edibles), the sublingual method is more portable to carry and intake, very discrete, no mess, no hassle, and dissolves in a FLASH! The fast-activation time gets you the quickest and most accurate results.

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Compared to...


Our strip activation time is 5-10 minutes so you can get your day started without having to wait.
Our strips do not have to go through the digestive tract and go straight to the bloodstream for accurate results.
One strip will do the trick and the cost is very affordable for anyone starting at 10 strips for $12.
When placed under the tongue, the strip quickly dissolves leaving the teeth and gums unharmed.

Energy Drinks/Coffee

Caffeinated drinks must go through your digestive system in order for the full effects to work.
Energy drinks/coffee contain many hidden ingredients like extra added sugars.
Over time, the cost of 10 cups of coffee at your local cafe can significantly add up.
Excessive coffee consumption can end up leaving the pearly whites a light yellow hue.


Our strip activation time is 5-10 minutes so you have more time to sleep and less time waiting for the effects to kick in.
Our strips don't have to go through the digestive tract but instead go straight to the bloodstream for much quicker and accurate results.
Enjoyable taste with zero sugar. Does not require water to wash it down. A perfect bedtime snack!
Wake up without the grogginess and feel refreshed with a full night’s rest.

Capsules and Tablets

Capsules must go through your digestive tract before absorption, making you lose up to 40% of what you take.
Not suitable for everyone and most need water to help swallow. Sometimes get stuck in esophagus.
Many capsules and tablets have a plastic/chalky taste to them that are undesirable to some.
Wake up feeling groggy from the extended release time. Effects may linger throughout the day.
Why strips?

Flash-dissolve oral strips administer the substance quickly and more effectively than any edibles or tablets. Our strips are water-soluble which means they will dissolve with immediate contact in your mouth/under the tongue. When taking edibles or tablets, there are many factors that could affect the delivery of the substance. For example, when digesting, the substance must bypass through your stomach (Liver) before complete absorption. However, with strips, the substance is administered directly to the bloodstream, offers easier patient compliance, and is suitable for anyone.

What is a sublingual?

Sublingual administration refers to an application under the tongue. This administration allows for the substance to diffuse directly through the bloodstream for more efficient and effective delivery. With sublingual administration, the dosage absorbed is higher than if you were to ingest gummies, pills, soft-gels, tablets, tinctures, or edibles It guarantees the correct dosage to be administered which is ideal because it assumes 100% of the active drug or substance successfully reaches the target site.

How many strips can I take per day?

For those first using PharmaStrip, we recommend one strip per day. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness and dosage is ultimately dependent on each user individually and is up to the user's discretion. We encourage first-time users to start small and slow and increase as needed.

How long do PharmaStrips take to start working?

Unlike many forms of medication and dietary supplements (ingestible) that can take up to an hour to work, our strips take full effect in 5-10 minutes.

Where I can find PharmaStrips?

PharmaStrip is available both online - right here on our website as well as Amazon, eBay - and in-person at your local gas station, convenience stores.

How do I take PharmaStrip?

Consuming PharmaStrips is easier than ever. All you have to do is peel the foil packaging open. The strip is placed in between each foil pack. Once the package is opened, place the strip (under the tongue) for most effective administration. Leave the strip in place until it completely dissolves, do not chew or swallow the strip whole. Wait 5-10 minutes for effect.

Is PharmaStrip safe?

Yes! Each one of our products must undergo meticulous 3rd party testing before it is packaged to ensure the most accurate consistency with dosage, ingredients, potency, flavor, and packaging. This includes 3rd party COA testing.